Monster Hunter Gunner's Guide

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You’ve racked up enough hours in the Monster Hunter series to prove that you know your way around a raging Diablos. But there’s one element of the game that you’ve avoided: Gunner weaponry.

Our Gunner’s Guides promise to provide experienced players with the key information needed to grasp the Bow or Bowgun (or both!). Whether it’s determining the right ammo for the job, the ideal range for your weapon, or knowing where to aim your shots – let us show you the way!

Product Details

  • Zipped high resolution PDF(s) compatible with any portable reading device
  • Breakdown of all ammunition, coatings, and recommended armor skills
  • Subtleties of different Bowgun classes and Arrow types explained
  • Training exercises with valuable hunting applications
  • Explanations of control schemes designed to develop positive habits right from the start
  • Visual aids and diagrams for easier understanding or at-a-glance references
  • Improved eBook PDF navigation makes jumping to the desired topic easier than ever

Bundle Details


PDF eBooks


Note for iPad Users
iPads don't natively support zipped files, but you can easily get around this by installing an app such as iZip or Winzip. Alternatively, you can unzip the eBooks on a desktop computer and transfer the files to your iPad.

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